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Acute Care

When we say “Acute Care Unit or ACU” we are referring to the inpatient unit of our hospital. Patients in the ACU receives high quality treatment for a severe injury or episode of illness, an urgent medical condition, rehab, or if you are recovering from surgery. Prosser Memorial Health is a licensed 25-bed critical access hospital located along the beautiful Yakima River region serving patients from Sunnyside to West Richland. Our ACU Care Team consists of three dedicated hospitalists, Dr. Hashmi, Dr. Joshi and Dr. Coke Smith, Registered Nurse Practitioners, Technicians and other team members dedicated to making your stay as comfortable as possible while you recover and heal.

The ACU Delivers the Following Advantages:

  • Integrated services-ensures that care is high quality and delivered fast.

  • On site Pharmacy Team

  • On site Rehab Services to include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy.

  • Rapid Response Team-provides earlier intervention to prevent the worsening of a condition.

  • Advanced diagnostics-accurately speeds the start of treatment for best results.

  • Our Social Service team are also a part of the ACU clinical team making discharge and home care planning a part of every patient's care transition for discharge.

What To Expect When Your Loved One Is in the ACU:
  • The Hospitalist on duty during the time your loved one is with us will introduce themselves and talk to you about the care plan for the patient.

  • Our nursing teams work in 12 hour shifts from 7am – 7pm and 7pm – 7 am. During the shift change the nurse going off duty will give a bedside shift change report to the nurse that they will hand-off care to.

  • Medication reconciliation and education is very important to us. We will educate you and the patient on the medications prescribed, when to take them and any side affects you should be aware of.

  • Our Social Services team will assist you and your loved one with discharge instructions and help you make arrangements if in home care is needed.

  • A follow up home visit might be scheduled through our Community Paramedic Program (CPP) to check in with the patients and answer any questions that may have come up since the patient’s discharge.

Does acute care require a hospital stay?

When you visit our hospital for an acute medical condition or injury, we’ll assess your situation and decide on the best treatment. Sometimes that involves a hospital stay, and sometimes it doesn’t. You might be discharged with instructions to follow up with your general practitioner. If we feel your condition requires more specific care or regular monitoring, we’ll have you stay in the hospital until your condition improves.