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If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911.


Accidents happen. People get sick. Emergencies are an unfortunate fact of life, and when you need it most, Prosser Memorial Health’s emergency medical services are ready to answer the call. Our paramedics and EMTs are highly trained and equipped with the latest technology to provide on-site care. The Emergency Medical Services team at Prosser Memorial Health also provides care at home through the unique Community Paramedic Program


Welcome to Prosser Memorial Health. My name is Tyler Platt and I am the Director of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). I have been a member of the EMS team for 4 years. On this web page you will find information regarding the ambulance services provided by the Emergency Medical Services team. Prosser is the center of Wine Country for Eastern Washington. With that, our population grows exponentially during the Spring and Summer months. We respond each year to more than 2,000 calls for service including, motor vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, swift water and back-country emergencies. We provide Western Benton County and the Lower Yakima Valley with primary 911 treatment and transportation to local area hospitals. We also respond to areas of Klickitat County and provide mutual aid to our neighboring communities such as Benton City and Paterson. We are staffed 24/7/365 with a minimum of 1 paramedic and 1 EMT per ambulance with the capabilities of providing Advanced Life Saving procedures to all of our patients as needed. Our team members care for each of our patients as if they were part of our own family, with a commitment to providing excellence in everything we do. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any concerns or questions regarding the care you have received from PMH EMS. 


Sincerely, Tyler Platt

What areas does PMH’s Emergency Medical Services serve?

Our EMS teams service not only Prosser, but surrounding communities and counties as well. 

Full Time Staff
Tyler Platt.jpg

Tyler Platt

Director of EMS

Scott Hawley.jpg

Scott Hawley

Advanced EMT (18 yrs.)

Jeff Fitzjarrald.jpg

Jeff Fitzjarrald

Paramedic (18 yrs.)

Paul Brewster.jpg

Paul Brewster

Paramedic (5 yrs.)

Ingrid Mortensen.jpg

Ingrid Mortensen

Advanced EMT (5 yrs.)

Jonathan Friend.jpg

Jonathan Friend

Paramedic (5 yrs.)

Rebecca Pettis.jpg

Rebecca Pettis

Advanced EMT (17 yrs.)

Bethany Foster.jpg

Bethany Foster

Paramedic (1 yr.)

Jason Raver.jpg

Jason Raver

Advanced EMT (19 yrs.)

Gaylin Griffitts.jpg

Gaylin Griffitts

Paramedic (17 yrs.)

Bryan Scheer.jpg

Bryan Scheer

Paramedic  (10 yrs.)

Kale Guerin.jpg

Kale Guerin

Paramedic (4 yrs.)


Neil Taylor

Paramedic (4 yrs.)

Part Time Staff
Joshua Ammann.jpg

Josh Ammann


William Wilson.jpg

Billy Wilson

EMT (19 yrs.)

Courtney Bowe.jpg

Courtney Bowe

Paramedic (2 yrs.)

David Winn.jpg

David Winn


Lamar, Adam J.jpg

Adam Lamar

Paramedic (1 yr.)

Kimberly Crosby-Orosco.jpg

Kimberly C.


Eileen Lai.jpg

Eileen Lai

EMT (1 yr.)

Nina Klwein.jpg

Nina Klewin


David Moon.jpg

David Moon

EMT (18 yrs.)

Timothy Shipley.jpg

Tim Shipley

EMT (3 yrs.)