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House of Crosses Dedication
House of Crosses

August 22, 2019

House of Crosses Dedication August 27 at Prosser Cemetery, Project Proudly Supported by the Prosser Memorial Health Foundation

A dedication ceremony for the House of Crosses will take place August 27th, 10:00 a.m., at the Prosser Cemetery. The community is invited to the public dedication ceremony. Structural improvements, new benches for families, and landscaping from Yellow Rose Nursery are part of the House of Crosses unveiling. A private communal burial will take place at a later date for those families that have experienced loss and wish to be included in the “Little Wings” Communal Burial Services. “This is a true celebration of what we have accomplished over the last two years, raising money, and completing the restoration of the House of Crosses. More importantly, it is a celebration of what the House of Crosses and the Little Wings program mean for our community. We are able to offer families who have suffered a loss, a place close to home where they can seek comfort and closure,” said Cindy Raymond, Director of the Family Birthplace.

The original purpose of the House of Crosses was to allow families of any faith to place a cross or crucifix inside the building in memory of their loved one, a tradition that will continue. The purpose has been expanded to include a vault where babies under twenty weeks gestation may be placed, without any cost to the parents. The House of Crosses was designed and donated to the Prosser Cemetery by Mrs. Ann Grets Bertrand as a memorial to lost children and beautification project in 1977. It also stands as a personal memorial to the Grets Family who are buried at Prosser Cemetery.