Transitional Swing Bed Care
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The Prosser Memorial Health Transitional Swing Bed Care Program is designed to provide patients with individualized in-hospital care and physical rehabilitation with the goal of helping them reach a maximum level of function. This program is designed for patients who are discharged from acute care but who need temporary additional supportive care that can’t be provided at home.

Through a combination of rehabilitative therapies, medical care, and nursing care, patients gain the function they need to achieve their maximum level of independence in a caring, supportive environment.

Consult your physician or contact us at 509-786-6627 to determine whether you qualify for Transitional Swing Bed Care.

Transitional Care Swing Bed

Who will be assisting in my care?

When you are in our Transitional Swing Bed Care Program, you will have access to many skilled healthcare professionals dedicated to your care such as physicians, nurses, rehabilitation specialists, dieticians, social workers and pharmacists.